The EuChemS CompChem is the flagship event of the European Chemical Society Division of Compu­tational and Theoretical Chemistry (DCTC). Established in 1994, after twelve editions in ten different European countries and an online event in 2021, the DCTC decided to change the conference acronym from EuCo-CTC to EuChemS CompChem.

Computational chemistry has revolutionized the study of molecular processes by enabling the efficient use of available time and resources in designing processes, characterizing new materials, and discovering new drugs. The steady and consistent development of new theoretical methods and design of algorithms, access to massive compute resources, and breakthroughs in the processing of data using machine learning approaches allowed the prediction of molecular properties at a level of accuracy required in industrial research, bringing computational chemistry to a new era.

As a platform for scientists in industry and academia to showcase recent advances, developments and trends in theoretical and computational chemistry, the 14th edition of the conference series focuses on Electronic Structure Theory and Applications, Artificial Intelligence in Chemical Research, Materials Design, Biomolecular Systems, and Computational Chemistry in Industry. Each of these topics will be the theme of a dedicated session.

Each meeting of this biennial conference will cover a selection of scientific and technical topics in a plenary-session format. The conference series provides a comprehensive view of the state-of-the-art of computational chemistry and a venue for promoting interdisciplinary collaboration. The goal is to establish an active European computational chemistry community where scientists from academia and industry all have a strong voice.

In this spirit, the EuChemS Walter Thiel Award, introduced in 2022 to honor outstanding early-career scientists, is presented at the EuChemS CompChem Conferences with the laureates delivering a lecture on their award-winning research.


We’re looking forward to welcoming you to an inspiring meeting in Thessaloniki!

Dr. Zoe Cournia
Chair of the 2023 European Conference on Computational and Theoretical Chemistry

Biomedical Research Foundation Academy of Athens
EuChemS DCTC Treasurer


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  • Electronic Structure:
    Theory and Applications
  • Artificial Intelligence in Chemical Research
  • Materials Design
  • Biomolecular Systems
  • Computational Chemistry in Industry